The Process

In order to transform antique, reclaimed planks into flooring or panelling for a commercial or residential installation, each timber undergoes a multi-step process involving selecting, preparing and manufacturing each plank.


Timber selection is the first and most important step of a long and personalised process. To the untrained eye a jumbled pile of old timber planks can seem dirty and decaying. With patience and the skill to know what to look for we select planks, one by one.
No two pieces are exactly alike. Only those with the right balance of preservation, colour, defects and dimension, plus a magic mojo - an unblemished ‘patina’ surface that protects and retains their unique, natural character and resins within – make the discerning final selection. Natural weathering of old teak creates a ‘patina’ on the wood surface that locks in the character, the story within the creases. It’s these storylines, unique to each plank or piece that we look for when selecting from local collections to make our premium flooring or panelling.


Having chosen only those pieces with the patina still intact, the challenge is to preserve this patina surface during the processes of restoration and manufacture so that the natural character of the old timber continues to shine through, in the final floor.
The first step of restoration is to remove any nails or other debris by hand. Each planks is then carefully washed with a neutral soap and soft brush. Once dried and stabilized, the timber continues to be hand-restored by craftsmen who really understand teak. This process takes a lot of time and a good deal of patience: filling in cracks and knots with fillers or wood patches made of the same recycled teak materials. Finally the surface is smoothed through a special glass crushing technique that brings out the oleo resins within the old teak. This gives the planks a natural sheen and softness to the touch, yet leaves the original patina surface untouched.


Again, as with all the processes, the emphasis during manufacture is to enhance the inherent character of the teak, not to transform it by removing its natural beauty.
Once restored the timber is cut into standardised plank lengths. To create a sturdy, yet flexible plank for flooring or panelling the recycled teak is then pressed with reused off-cut materials in the centre and a hardwood base for strength. The combination of a careful hand and high-tech equipment for precision ensures that the engineered plank meets international quality standards and is extremely durable.


Finishing options: Antique original Patina – Brushed or Sanded – Varnish - Oil – Natural Wax – Special finishing’s with reactives and colours are available.

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